3 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Better Digestion


In the modern world, there are different types of foods introduced and those are easy to prepare and also called as fast foods. On the hand, most of the foods are available in a packed way to buy and simply heat to eat. These food items cause digestion problem at many items and so many people having digestion problem. If you’re one of such a person suffering from digestion problem, then here the yoga poses for better digestion.

3 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Better Digestion

We all know that chunk and fast foods are not good for health, but we love its taste so like to eat. At the same time, it saves the preparing time of foods, but this is the major culprit for digestion problem. You know why fast foods are not good for health? This is because those foods contain a high amount of sugar, fat, and calories.

All these factors slow down the liver and digestion system to process the foods and finally results in a problem with digestion. However, there are so many treatments to treat digestion problem, but yoga poses do it well.

When it comes to better digestion, most of the people prefer natural home remedies to heal, but I recommend you to do yoga poses because you can get 2 health benefits for your single effort. Doing yoga sequences offer a lot of health benefits along with better digestion process.

Thus, here are the 3 yoga poses for the better digestion.

1. Bridge pose

This yoga pose stimulates the digestive system and helps to supply fresh blood to the heart to enhance the health. To enter into the bridge pose, lie on the floor and place your palm of the feet on the floor. After that, keep your hands in the straight position and lift your entire body to the upward direction. Keep this position for few seconds and return back to the original position and repeat it for 10 times a day.

2. Downward dog pose

The downward dog pose helps to circulate the fresh air to the digestion system and speeds up the process. In order to do this pose, you need to stand in a straight position and keep your feet wider than hip. Then, slowly pull your entire body to the front until your palm of a hand touches the floor. Keep this position few seconds and breathe well to get fresh air. Repeat this for 10 reps per day.

3. Triangle pose

The triangle pose is complex to do and even confusing to see at the first time. But, it involves both upper and lower parts of the body in the pose. And, you will get a lot of health benefits apart from better digestion.

To enter into the triangle pose, you need to stand straight and keep your feet wider than your shoulder. Then, move your right hand to left side of feet and touch the floor on back side of the feet. Likewise, do this same for the left hand to touch the back side of right feet. Do this posture for 5 times a day to get better digestion process.

These are the 3 most effective yoga poses that help better digestion.


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